National Statutes and Regulations

A complete list of Football Federation Australia's national Statues and Regulations can be found HERE.

For an understanding of some key policies, please see the summarised information below:

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct aims to promote and strengthen the reputation of football in Australia by establishing a standard of performance, behaviour and professionalism for its participants and stakeholders. In addition, it seeks to deter conduct that could impair public confidence in the honest and professional conduct of Matches or in the integrity and good character of its participants.

Member Protection

The FFA Member Protection Policy (Policy) will work towards maintaining ethical and informed decision-making and responsible behaviours within our sport. It outlines our commitment to a person’s right to be treated with respect and dignity and to be safe and protected from abuse. This Policy informs everyone involved in our sport at the national, state and local levels of his or her legal and ethical rights and responsibilities and the standards of behaviour that are required.

Betting and Integrity

This document sets out the guiding principles and provides general advice to all Players and Officials in Australia on the issues surrounding the integrity of football and betting.

These guidelines are to be read with the FFA National Code of Conduct and are designed to underpin Football Federation Australia’s (FFA) education programme for Players and Officials.

These guidelines will be reviewed regularly by FFA to ensure it maintains its relevance.

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