Community Coaching

One of the identified weaknesses of Coach Education in the past was that there  was only one stream of courses available, whether you were coaching a social team of amateurs once a week or Head Coach of a State Premier League team. The courses were also far too short to deliver enough long-term learning or produce enough elite Australian coaches. It was clear that two pathways were required, especially when one accepts that players can generally be divided into two streams: those that play for Participation, and those considered Performance players.

Therefore, the Two Pathway system was introduced in 2007:

1. The Community Pathway

2. The Advanced Pathway


Community Pathway courses are specifically designed for the coaches who look after Participation players: the courses are short, easily-accessible and low-cost. Because of the nature of the coach and the player in the Community context, these courses focus almost exclusively on the ‘Training’ pillar of the Coaching Expertise Model.




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