Advanced Coaching Pathway

Football Federation Australia’s mission to be a ‘World Leader in the World Game’ is supported by two ‘spearheads’; Coach Education and Player Development.
Coach Education is without doubt the foundation for the mission as the development of players is directly impacted upon by the quality of the coaching they are exposed to. Therefore FFA Coach Education has adopted the mantra of;

“Better Coaches, Better Football”

In seeking to successfully bring this to life, the FFA Coach Education Program can be seen to underpin the development of football at all levels.

The FFA Advanced Coach Education pathway is specifically designed for coaches who work with performance players: the courses are longer, more intensive and progressively develop all the elements of the Coaching Expertise Model. The coaches who complete Advanced Pathway courses form the ‘pool’ from which coaches are considered for full and part-time professional football coaching employment.

The philosophy of the courses provides coaches with a structured and progressive education program.  The task-centered learning environment enables candidates to ‘learn through doing’, which ensures the course content does not simply remain a ‘class room exercise’ but can immediately be adopted and applied in the football environment.

Courses are organized on a modular basis combining on-course theoretical and practical contact with distance learning. They are delivered on a Regional and National basis to ensure that coaches can access the program regardless of geography, cost or any other limiting factors. Candidates are assessed on a number of competencies during and post course, with the practical assessment being completed within their own football environment.


Advanced Coaching Pathway and Courses


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