Referee Pathway and Accreditations

Match officials in Australia are subject to two streams within the accreditation structure - Community and Advanced.

Each structure consists of multiple accreditation levels allowing for a smooth advancement and continual progression to a higher level if desired.

Community level courses, targeted at officials working within local/regional amateur football competitions consists of the Laws of the Game, Level 4 and Level 3 accreditations across various fields such as Outdoor, Futsal, Instructor and Assessor.

Advanced level courses, directed towards officials working within regional, state and national competitions consists of both Level 2 and Level 1 Accreditations for relevant Outdoor and assessor officials in addition to Level 2 accreditations for instructors.

Below is an overview of the pathway that exists for Referees, Assessors and Instructors:

For more detailed information on Referee Courses available to you, click HERE.

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