General First Aid Courses

The Apply First Aid Course (previously known as Senior First Aid) is the most widely used accredited course and is usually conducted over 1 day, although in some cases it is a 2 day course.

The course covers a broad range of topics that will enable the participants to confidently manage emergency situations and provide care for the ill or injured until medical assistance arrives.

Cost of the course ranges from $130 to $205. These courses are generally available face-to-face or online. Some have only a partial online learning component.

There are several fully accredited first aid courses providers available throughout Australia. The following are recommended:


Sports Medicine Australia

Sports Medicine Australia’s course is entitled Sports First Aid which is equivalent to the Apply First Aid course.

To access the course information and to book a course click on link: You can then see course dates and enrol to find your course via location, key words or dates. 


St John Ambulance

Each State has its own St John Ambulance website where you can access further information or book a course. The websites are listed below:


Australian Red Cross

To access information or book a course through the Australian Red Cross click on link and select your State to start the process.

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