Club Guide to Research

In 2013 the FFA undertook a research project into grassroots football and unearthed a number of key findings related to improving club management.

Below are the major points raised from the research that will help your club improve the playing experience for your members.

 Top Tips to Improve the Playing Experience


1. Get your coaches accredited!


  • #1 most important influence on the playing experience is the quality of coaching

  • 24% of all players in the game are not satisfied with their Coaches

  • Top suggestions from players to improve their experience is to have coaches with better technical knowledge and skills and organised training sessions


  • Ensure your coaches are registered on the MyFootballClub Registration System. This allows Clubs to communicate with their Coaching group and share key information.

  • Make sure all Coaches at your Club become familiar with the National Coaching Resource and the model sessions it contains Opens external link in new windowHERE

  • Encourage all coaches to undertake a relevant FFA Coaching Course. Upcoming courses are able to be found and registered for HERE


2. Implement structured and transparent grading processes!


  • 25% of players are dissatisfied with the grading process of players at their club

  • #1 reason for being dissatisfied with the grading process if that there is no actual process

  • 33% of teenage males that are likely to stop playing football identify 'uneven grading of me as an individual' as a major reason


  • Click HERE for a best-practice guide and template for the grading process

  • Document your club's grading process (considering your philosophy, assessment criteria and avenues for appeal)

  • Communicate the grading process on your club website and ensure that all players and parents are aware of it


3. We need to RESPECT our game's match officials!


  • 33% of match officials are dissatisfied with the level of respect shown to them on match day by players and supporters

  • #1 reason match officials are likely to stop refereeing is due to a lack of respect from players and supporters

  • 52% of adult players are dissatisfied with the quality of match officials refereeing on match day


  • FFA is working with all levels of administration within the game to improve recruitment and scheduling of match officials

  • Promote the RESPECT program resources available HERE to your club's players, coaches and supporters

  • Encourage all club stakeholders to complete the free online Laws of the Game course HERE


4. Identify ways to improve pitch quality!


  • 55% of adult players are dissatisfied with the quality of pitches that they play on

  • 35% of coaches are dissatisfied with the quality of pitches that their team plays on

  • #1 reason for being dissatisfied with pitch quality is due to poor drainage and uneven surface


  • Implement a regular monitoring process to assess the quality of your pitch

  • Consider varying your training activities to different areas of the pitch to minimise any further deterioration

  • Let the local council or school who is involved in the management of your pitch know about any potential safety risks

  • Register for the National Club Accreditation Scheme HERE to receive priority access to facility grant opportunities


5. Raise the standard of club management!


  • 20% of players wouldn't recommend their club to friends because the club is poorly organised

  • 34% of teenage players likely to stop playing identify a poor club environment as a major reason

  • 24% of players likely to stop playing suggest an improvement in club professionalism would make them reconsider


  • Register for the National Club Accreditation Scheme HERE to access guidelines and best-practice models for raising the standard of club management


6. Proactively recruit Players, Coaches and Volunteers!


  • 45% of clubs do not make an attempt to retain lapsed players

  • 41% of club administrators are dissatisfied with their ability to recruit enough volunteers

  • 36% of club administrators are dissatisfied with their ability to recruit coaches


  • Click HERE for practical ways to recruit and retain players and coaches

  • Begin planning prior to the season start and actively search for players, coaches and volunteers

  • Register for the National Club Accreditation Scheme HERE to access best-practice volunteer management advice. 
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