Application Process

There are four levels within the NCAS, with clubs progressing from Level 1, up to Level 4. The levels are depicted with stars and each level having its own logo. Logos are differentiated by colour and design to easily identify what level a club is at.

One star is used to indicate football’s minimum standards through the NCAS, whilst four stars indicate the maximum standard.

For the initial rollout there will be an application form for download on this page. Clubs should read all NCAS related documentation on this page and consult their relevant Member Federation prior to submitting an application.

Member Federations will work with clubs to ensure any applications along with the required additional documentation submitted to FFA are practical and complete. Initially this process will be completed via e-mail and post, with a view to being a wholly online process in the future.

Step 1: Club downloads application form ( Level 1 Application Form )

Step 2: Club gathers required documentation to support application

Step 3: Member Federation and Club work to finalise application

Step 4: Application submitted to FFA for assessment

Step 5: FFA advises club and Member Federation on success of application and sends Certificate and Logo.

FFA will assess all applications and provide final endorsement for the accreditation. There will be two application windows where FFA will accept applications from Member Federations for clubs within their region.

Upon achieving NCAS accreditation club will receive a NCAS Certificate of Accreditation as well as an electronic NCAS logo relevant to the level achieved, which can be used in club promotion.

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