Club Coach Coordinator Program

Club Coach Coordinator Program

It is widely accepted that player retention is vital to any sport and club. FFA research shows that the main reason for players leaving our sport is poor coaching. Best practice suggests that “on the job” training provides optimum results and therefore delivery of coach education and support of coaches within the club environment would provide the best opportunities for coaches and positive experiences for young players. A minimum requirement is that the sessions are safe, organised, enjoyable and engaging.

It is important to also recognise that this is not expected to be an additional club position; merely a support role for new and inexperienced coaches and it is envisaged that a Club Coach Coordinator will continue to coach whilst offering tips and hints at a time that fits within their coaching schedule.

Many clubs across Australia have a coach in this type of role. The CCC program adds some background and additional knowledge to how this coach can work to retain coaches, take the burden off recruiting replacement coaches the following season and supports the delivery of quality experiences for young players at your club.


The aim of this initiative is to:

·         Support and guide community level coaches

·         Establish mentors for grassroots football coaches

·         Proactive coach within a club to take a leadership role within the coaching environment

·         The primary purpose of the position is to provide relevant and valued coach support in the club environment, and to monitor and mentor coaches to conduct appropriate quality football activities that will enhance the players’ and coaches’ experience

·         Research shows the one reasons kids leave the sport is down to coaching


How can this project help your club?

Our mission is to make sure that we help build a fantastic club culture. Club cultures arise through conscious behaviours which, in time, will form positive and pleasant experiences. Some of the behaviours we are seeking to embed are:

·         Help foster a positive club culture

·         Provide support for the Coach

·         Links to the Association/Federation


Benefits of joining the project:

·         Coach and player retention rates and member satisfaction increase

·         Initial training for you to become a Presenter and Assessor if you wish, so you can deliver recognised FFA community courses to your coaches and club members

·         Long term positive club culture

Responsibilities of the CCC:

·         Develop a positive club coaching culture.

·         Promote inclusive practice within the coaching at the club.

·         Monitor and mentor club coaches and provide support based on their needs/ wants.

·         Ensure the coaches have access to appropriate resources including websites.

·         Ensure coaches are aware of any development opportunities including observing senior coaches and up to date information related to coach education.

·         Present parents with relevant information at the start of the season and update at regular intervals.

·         Ensure coach registration is completed for each club coach

·         Liaise with Federation staff/personnel and other CCCs.

·         Attend meetings/workshops in relation to the role of the CCC.


Potential CCC’s should have the following qualities and skills:

·         Respected around the club

·         2-3 years coaching experience at junior level

·         Knowledge of National Curriculum and relevant support resources

·         Good communication and interpersonal skills

·         Willing to contribute 2-3 hours per week to support new and inexperienced coaches

·         Attendance at Club Coordinator workshop

·         Sound organisation skills

·         An ability to think on their feet and be proactive

To view the CCC Resources available, input your details here to proceed to a download link. To find your FFA number for this process, click here

To learn more about these initiatives please speak to your club and contact your Member Federation to see when the next workshop is being held. This is a popular new program and we’re encouraging clubs to utilise this initiative for the betterment of their coach development and retention.  



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