Football for People with a Disability

As a sport, FFA values inclusion, fairness, excellence and fun.  These values apply across all levels of the game – from junior clubs through to the elite levels of the sport.

FFA strongly supports the right of people with disabilities to participate in football as players, coaches, referees or administrators and we are committed to developing an environment where accessibility and diversity are valued and nurtured.  To further enhance the development of disability football, FFA will provide advice, direction and will assist with the development of key stakeholders relationships. 

FFA will help promote positive and informed attitudes towards people with disabilities and encourage and assist staff and volunteers to develop skills and facilities to meet the needs of people with disabilities within available resources.  

Through ‘Football for All’, FFA together with its Member Federations and clubs will ensure that people with disabilities have the opportunity to become involved in, and experience the fun and excitement of, the most popular game in the world. 

The introduction of an annual FFA ‘Disability Football Month’ supported and delivered by our Member Federations, will assist in generating and providing football opportunities and experiences for disabled members of the community while also allowing for engagement into the larger football family.

Disability Football Month will provide a ‘football for all’ approach in developing a culture and awareness of the inclusiveness of our game.

FFA will endeavour to work closely and support where practical and possible, National Disability Sporting Organisations in the delivery of football.   

Click here to download FFA’s ‘Disability Football Development’ foundation

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