New Arrivals

FFA recognises that each year there are many people arriving in Australia from other countries who have a strong passion for football and want to participate, but may have barriers, such as  communication, financial or cultural, which impede their involvement. 

FFA is also aware that a number of our Member Federations are beginning to implement programs and initiatives aimed at removing some of these barriers and ensuring that all people have the opportunity to access a club and enjoy football. 

As a part of our efforts and plans in the area of inclusive football, FFA will develop a strategy which will strive to identify and address the factors that make it more difficult for these groups to access football and by extension grow the numbers of people playing the game. 

This approach will draw on the expertise of our Member Federations as well as other groups and individuals who have had experience in working in this area, particularly, Football United as well as Football Federation Victoria, through their ‘United through Football’ program. 

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