Volunteering requires a great deal of commitment from both Volunteers and Clubs. Competition to gain dedicated volunteers is becoming harder.

This section will provide clubs with tips and ideas to assist in the recruitment of volunteers.

Tips for Recruiting Volunteers

1. Start by bringing together key members of your club for a brainstorming session prior to commencing recruitment to determine;

  • What could be needed to improve the volunteer experience? 
  • What can your club offer volunteers? 
  • Consider the role of a volunteer coordinator for your club? 
  • Develop a job description for your volunteers position/s. 
  • How many volunteers do you need? For how long? 
  • What skills do they need? 
  • Do you have time to support and train the volunteers.

2. Where might you find Volunteers?

  • Through people you know, like friends and family. 
  • People who have retired from employment, local senior citizens. 
  • Students in training looking for experience. 
  • Ex-team players.

3. How do intend to train your volunteers?

  • Explore whether current members can assist. 
  • Explore whether there are organsiations in the community who can help for example your local Member Federation, Local Council, YMCA

The following documents will provide you with further assistance when recruiting volunteers:

Australian Sports Commission (ASC) resource concerning Coach and Official Recruitment
Running Sport Resource for Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers

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