Qualification Revalidation

Qualification Revalidation

Community Course Revalidation

Due to evidence that many coaches at the community level are active for only 2-3 years, revalidating qualifications for this level may be accepted upon request from active coaches. FFA has decided that a review of revalidation process will be conducted in preparation for the 2018 season.

Coaches wishing to revalidate their community qualifications during 2016-17 are encouraged to contact their relevant Member Federation and make a request for this to occur. Coaches will be asked to detail their coaching activity within their club as a part of this process.

Details on the revalidation process from 2017 onwards will be made available through the MyFootballClub website when they are confirmed. 


Advanced Licence Revalidation

FFA Advanced Coaching accreditations are valid for 4 consecutive years. In order to revalidate their Advanced Licence accreditation (Futsal inclusive), coaches are required to gain 100 points of continued professional development (CPD) in the 4-year period of validity.

If at the end of the four-year validation period the coach has not accumulated the required number of points or the next level of Advanced licence, their current Advanced Licence will expire and the coach will then be considered to have no validation.

If a coach does not revalidate and allows their accreditation to lapse they can undertake further training opportunities to update in the following ways:



Attending an Advanced FFA course

100 points

Attending the National Football Curriculum Refresher Course (NFCRC)

100 points

Football Conditioning Course

50 points

Attending an FFA/State Coaching Conference

50 points

Attendance at an approved workshop (Coerver workshop is worth double)

6.25 points per workshop (to a maximum of 50 points)

Active Experience - (Technical Director, Coach, Community Coach Coordinator, FFA Approved Course Instructor/Presenter)

5 points per year


Advanced Coaching - Validation and Revalidation FAQ’s

What do I need to do to re-validate my qualification?

You need gain 100 points over a 4 year period. Refer to the points table in this document to see how you can gain points.

What happens if I do not gain the required points or access the next level of course?

Your qualification will no longer be accredited.

Does that mean I lose the qualification?

No. You have lost your accreditation and your points are set to zero.

If my licence is no longer valid, how do regain reaccreditation?

You need to gain 100 points. You may gain the 100 points as quickly as you are able, and your licence will become reaccredited as soon as you gain the 100 points. Your licence will be reaccredited for a period of 4 years from the date your licence was due to ‘expire’. For example, if your licence ‘expired’ on 31 Dec, 2013, and you gained 100 points in November 2014, your licence will be reaccredited for four years from 31 Dec, 2013, i.e. until 31 Dec 2017.

What if I had 50 points when my licence ‘expired’?

These points cannot be carried forward.

Do we get points for coaching?

Yes, as outlined in the points table, from January 2014 coaches who have coached for a minimum of two years, AND attended 8 approved workshops over the four year reaccreditation period will gain 50 points. Coaches need to complete both elements to gain the 50 points. Coaching experience alone does not necessarily lead to ‘updating’ and ‘refreshing’ of a coach’s knowledge.

Which 4 years are counted towards my revalidation?

The 4 years since your licence was either issued or reaccredited. You cannot use points prior to your licence being issued or previously validated.

Do attending two state conferences post Jan 1, 2011, mean my licence is re-accredited?

Yes, if you attend two state conferences post Jan 1 2011 you have met the revalidation criteria of reaching 100 points (2x50 points).

Do my points from 2009 count towards my points tally?

Only the events listed in the table above count.

Can I work without an accreditation Licence?

You must hold the qualification required for the position you wish to hold as deemed by the rules relating to the competition or structure in which you seek to work. You may take up a position if you previously held the qualification level required and have registered and paid to:

·         Attend the next level of FFA/AFC course

·         Attend a course which will gain 100 points

I attended a ‘C’ Licence Course but did not meet the assessment Criteria after 3 attempts. What happens to me?

FFA have removed the 3 final assessment attempts policy, and it is now unlimited within the 2 year period you have for assessment. If you are unable to gain a competent mark for assessment after the two years, you will be required to re-sit the course.

What if I attend the next level of FFA/AFC Advanced Licence but fail the course?

Your existing FFA Advanced Licence will be revalidated for 4 years from the date you attended the course. E.g. Attended in June 2013, Advanced Licence revalidated until December 31st 2017.

How do I revalidate my FFA/AFC Pro Diploma?

Pro Diploma holders will be notified of the revalidation process.

Does FFA keep a tally of points each coach has gained?

FFA has records of coaches who attended events from January 1, 2011. Coaches can login to the National Coaches System (or My Football Club once this replaces NCS during 2014) to view the events they’ve attended from January 1, 2011.

In the event of a dispute, it is the coach’s responsibility to keep appropriate evidence that they attended an event to gain revalidation points.

I have my 100 points; can I apply for revalidation now?

No, the revalidation process will automatically occur at the end of the period that your licence is valid for.

What if I accrue more than 100 Points in a 4 year period can I carry forward a surplus?

No. The points expire at the end of your 4 year accreditation period.

What if my accreditation has been lapsed for more than 4 years?

For example I was valid prior to and including 2009 and do not regain validation by 2017.

You will be required to:

·         Redo the course you held the accreditation for or

·         Attend the NFCRC and access the higher course

·         You cannot simply attend the NFCRC to regain your previously held accreditation

What if I hold an overseas licence?

You will need to follow the revalidation process as set out by the issuing body. FFA cannot revalidate a licence issued overseas. You can have your overseas licence recognized by FFA by downloading and submitting the appropriate form (which can be found on the FFA website). To continue to have your overseas licence recognised, you will need to gain 100 points.

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